Friday, 17 January 2020

Video Conferencing - Seminars

Video Conferencing for Global Learning are bringing to you seminars live from the BETT Show 2020 in Excel, London from January 22nd - 24th. 

If you are interested to learn more about any of the topics below please join via the live stream URL from your mobile phone or desktop at the times and dates below:

Wednesday January 22nd 11am  - 11.30am (UK) –  “ Remote teaching to Brazil “ 
Mariana Bonotto, English Teacher in Brazil speaks with Mina Patel, Executive Director of Video Conferencing for Global Learning, about recent research into using video conferencing technology for teaching languages from London to Sao Paulo.

Wednesday January 22nd -3.30pm – 4.30pm (UK) "Climate Crisis - A Solutions Oriented Talk"
René Carver, for Video Conferencing for Global Learning, will moderate a presentation by Dr Thomas Hirasuna and conversation with students from Taiwan, Bangladesh, and the United States and beyond.

Thursday January 23rd 11.30 – 12.00pm(UK) - "Video Conferencing with Cultural Treasures" 
 René Carver for Video Conferencing for Global Learning, will speak to the British Museum who use VC technology to reach out and engage with students.

Thursday January 23rd 1.30pm - 1.50pm (UK) -  "Bringing a Global Dimension to Special Educational Needs"

Little Heath School, LB of Redbridge speak in the Bett Show Arena.


Thursday January 23rd 2.30pm – 3.00pm  (UK) (on zoom booth at BETT Show)  - “Implementing Video Conferencing across your School”  
Mina Patel, Executive Director of Video Conferencing for Global Learning and Joanne Martin, Subject leader for Computing at Little Heath School, Redbridge will share, the VC matrix as a tool, to support effective use of VC across the school.

Friday January 24th 11.30am – 12pm (UK) “Video Conferencing for Global Collaboration “
René Carver for Video Conferencing for Global Learning will moderate a global panel conversation about collaboration over VC so that school facilitators for VC across the globe can share good practice.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Outreach from industry experts over video conference

Last term, over 450 primary and secondary school students connected over video conference to representatives from Midwich, Vodafone and Nomura International PLC. 

 Naina Tailor, Head of Video Sales,Midwich
The aim of the career talks were to give guidance and inspiration to young people who may not have an understanding of the exciting opportunities that can arise from working with technology and the audio visual (AV) industry.
The organisations supporting this outreach all have members belonging to the AV user group and had stepped forward to promote their sector to young people through using video conference ( an AV technology).

A Year 9 pupil quoted after hearing the presentation from Midwich," Naina had taught me how to succeed in a career and it was great to hear about the industry from a personal insight".
Another year 9 pupil quotes: I learnt that going outside of your comfort zone is worth it. 
Tim Russell, Principal Solution Architect
Customer Design and Integration ,Vodafone 

From the survey carried out with some of the schools, the pupils who participated in the talks had not heard of the companies before ( except Vodafone) and none of the pupils had thought of doing careers similar to those of the speakers.  However, after the presentations 39% of the pupils aspired to careers in STEM, IT/AV.

95% of the students thought it was a great idea to connect over video conference to meet people who want to talk about their jobs and organisations. There is the fact, that a face to face meeting would be much better, however to connect one individual to so many students from different schools, in one afternoon, would take a lot more time and resource and be nearly impossible to achieve without the technology.

A year 12 pupil stated after connecting to Tim : Video conferencing is an easier way to connect, so we are aware of the opportunities computer science brings. We learnt about the types of coding, what coding can do eg. programming equipment. The difference the internet has made to our lives.

A year 11 pupil quoted:  I learnt about Vodafone, coding and wifi frequency and that it is possible to have a mobile network on the moon!

Connecting over video conference meant multiple schools from Redbridge, in NE London were able to link directly to banks and businesses, by dialing an IP number through a secure connection. This saved travel money and time for the speakers who sat in the comfort of their offices and spoke directly with the students sharing videos and images to answer questions. 

Please read the feedback below given by the girls in Year 11 and 12 at Woodford County High School after speaking to Darren Ilsley at Nomura International PLC. Many thanks to the schools for sharing their feedback and to WCHS for sharing their presentation below.

The schools in the LB of Redbridge wish to thank Darren, Naina and Tim for their presentations and we look forward to connecting to you again. 

Friday, 1 February 2019

Dan Freedman

Dan Freedman, children's book author and former football journalist took part over video conference, live from Highlands Primary School, to connect to schools across Redbridge to hear the children's football chants and speak to them about his series of Jamie Johnson's books, which are now broadcast on TV with the BBC.
Dan shared quotes from his yet to be published book "Unstoppable" (he told the children he had been working on writing it for five years!). He answered questions from the children about his career, what inspires him, his childhood, and gave advice to the children for writing their own stories.  Dan also judged a competition held to find the best football chant. Well done, to the three winners, who each received a signed book from Dan: Fairlop Primary, Gearies Primary and Avanti Court Primary.
Dan quotes: The technology worked really well and I could clearly hear and see all the children from the schools. The ability for me to reach out to them all at once in such a short period of time was just fantastic. The chants were all, incredible, well written, sang and choreographed. I felt very emotional when i heard the Jamie Johnson chant.

Matthew Patterson, Class teacher at Highlands said,  " for the children to meet an author and speak to him, while connected to other local schools, over video conference makes them all feel part of the same "fan club", because they have all read the same book and now they get to ask questions to the author, about the characters and this is what makes learning real for them".

Year 6 pupil at Highlands quotes: It is not usual for us to have the opportunity to meet an author and with the video conference we do not need to travel to see him or other children from other schools. I can`t wait to go home, and read my new book, Skills from Brazil.