Sunday, 14 December 2014

UK Education AV User Group

About Education AV User Group

The Education AV User Group has been established to enable (end users) schools and colleges to provide and receive feedback from hardware and software manufacturers about their latest products and services. In return the education sector will aim to shape and influence the technologies for their future.

The initial pilot meeting will be held at the National Space Centre, Leicester on Tuesday March 10th 2015 from 10 am – 5pm. The agenda can be found below. This is subject to change as we may have other manufacturers present.

We have an allocation for only 50 attendees.

How to Register
Please register with us via email, if you work at a school or college as a technician or network manager or part of the senior management team (SMT) in charge of technical budgets.

By applying to be a member you may be selected to attend the full day event on March 10th 2015, at the National Space Centre, Leicester from 10am – 5pm. The Education AV User group will be able to pay for travel and overnight accommodation if required.

Please can you fill in the information below and send it by reply to Owen Ellis at

1) Name

2) Contact Email

3) School or College Name

4) Job title

5) School / College postal address

By completing the information above before January 30th 2015. you are confirming you can attend the meeting on March 10th .There are limited places available for our initial meeting on March 10th so please do not be too disappointed if you are not selected on this occasion. We will hopefully contact you for our future meetings.

Please see below for the draft agenda for the meeting on March 10th:



20 minute presentation  / 10 minute Q&A

Coffee / Tea



Speed presentation 1

10am – 10.30am


Speed presentation 2

10.30 – 11am


Speed presentation 3

11 – 11.30am


Speed presentation 4

11.30 – 12pm


Lunch and networking

12– 1.30pm


Case study

1.30 – 2pm

Janet(Uk) case study and National UK VC Partnerships Awards

Speed presentation 5

2- 2.30pm


Speed presentation 6

2.30 -3.00pm

Apple -TBC

Speed presentation 7

3 – 3.30 pm



3.30 – 5pm


We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about the event please email Mina Patel at or call 07402 137 310.


Advisory Board (UK Education AV User Group)
Dave Smith (HSIS): Gary Jelks (Schools IT Unit, Redbridge LA): Shirley Wood (Janet UK): Phil Moore (CEO YHGfL): Mark Burden (WVN): Alex Rees( Pipers Corner School )

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Metropolitan Police Service use VC to connect to Schools

Over 400 pupils across six primary schools in Redbridge were able to speak to and question PCSO Alan Winston 7233JI from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Wanstead Safer Neighbourhoods Team during a video conference last Friday morning. This was the first time the MPS have used VC to communicate to schools in this way.
Connected through Janet(UK) from offices at Wanstead House (a partnership with the British Council and VCfGL), PCSO Alan Winston was able to speak to hundreds of pupils located in different schools in just one hour.

PCSO Winston quoted " The benefits of the video conference was that I could talk to lots of young people all at once and answer their questions. The technology is amazing because it is a secure link straight into schools".

 Winston was asked many questions about qualities needed to join the police force, the hardest parts of his job and crime in the local area. The pupils aged 8-11 were all keen to find out more about his career and what it was like to be a PCSO.

This video conference showcased how the MPS can use video conferencing technology to reach out to young people through a secure VC network that already exists for schools across London and the UK. 

In partnership with the British Council

Monday, 1 December 2014

Poetry Slam with Michael Rosen

Year 5 pupils from nine schools across Redbridge had the opportunity to perform the poem "Road" to its author, Michael Rosen, during a live poetry slam over video conference.  Michael sat with pupils from Fairlop Primary School and watched the performances and then had the hard decision to make when choosing the best ones.

Rosen was asked what he thought of the video conference: "Its important schools talk to each other and share ideas, it enables them to see and hear these ideas and it encourages schools to cooperate. VC helps children to learn and express themselves -its the prefect tool to enable this to happen".

Michael also spoke about the performances he saw from the schools : "All the schools tried really hard to invent different ways of performing the poem with very special ideas, like creating a road, doing shadow puppets. Everyone preformed really well, showing different feelings between the versus".

Well done to Mayespark Primary School and Glade Primary School who won overall.