Sunday, 5 July 2020

Inspiring hope and courage with Chris Lubbe
On July 13th from 2pm - 3pm (UK ) time, Chris Lubbe, will be speaking during a live webinar about his life as the former body guard of Nelson Mandela, apartheid in South Africa, racism in the past and in the present day. What can we do to make a change? Black lives matter.
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There will be students connecting from across the globe discussing their ideas and speaking of their experiences. This webinar is suitable for teachers, students aged 16+, or anyone interested in hearing from an internationally acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker and storyteller.

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Monday, 1 June 2020

London ITV News - Glade Primary School

Glade Primary School, in the London Borough of Redbridge has been in the news for using video conferencing during lock down, to connect teachers to pupils, teachers to their wider community, and experts from around the globe to their pupils, whilst everyone is still at home.  Video conferencing is a key part of a blended learning approach at the school. Video conferencing forms the heart of the highly successful communication strategy the school are using to maintain links to the curriculum and the health and well-being of the children and staff.

For schools looking for support with implementing video conferencing please contact:
Tel: (0)1708 73158

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

World Environment Day - Megaconference 2020 (June 5th)

A global gathering of young voices, sharing and learning ways, to explore biodiversity.
World Environment Day - Megaconference (June 5th, 2020)
This is an unique opportunity for students (aged 16+), teachers and parents to learn more about the topic of biodiversity that can be used as professional development opportunities, student research, and as a stimuli to learn more from young people from across the globe.  Please register below to be sent details on how to participate live on the day.  Come and celebrate World Environment Day with us!

Student Presentation Schedule for June 5th, 2020

Time : 4:30pm Taipei, 9:30am London, 4:30am New York City

Time : 5:00pm Taipei, 10:00am London, 5:00am New York City
Time : 5:30pm Taipei, 10:30am London, 5:30am New York City
 Affiliated High School ofChung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan.
 Wu-Ling Senior High School, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
 Lawrence S.Ting School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Time: 6:00pm Dhaka, 1:00pm London, 8:00am New York City
Narayanganj Ideal School, Amlapara, Narayanganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Time : 2:00pm London, 9:00am New York City, 10:00am Brazil
Instituto Federal Sergipe. Brazil.
Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas, SP. Brazil.