Sunday, 8 May 2011

UEL make video link to Classroom

Primary PGCE students at the University of East London, received an outstanding presentation from Kath Keeper, the Head Teacher of Scargill Infants,Havering. Year 2 teacher Amber Bignold and pupils, and Rose Willcock -Reception Teacher and her children, also presented during a live video link.  UEL used JVCS Desktop ( Tandberg ConferenceMe ) with a webcam while the school linked into the conference using their Aethra VC equipment.  The event was streamed across the internet for other UEL students/parents to watch.
Ms Willcock and pupil
The session was organised by Daniel Ayres ( UEL Primary PGCE Tutor). It was the first time UEL had made a live video link to a school during a lecture.

"It was indeed inspirational and I have had many trainees come up to me praising the session . . . a must for next year".
(David Morris, Senior Lecturer, UEL)
I found the experience both informative and interesting. I was especially impressed with the VC software, as it showed the fluidity of the discussion that took place between the two parties.” (UEL tutor - accessed the VC online)
The video conference lecture was awesome.” (Trainee)
Powerful messages for trainees to take into their final school placements.” (Tutor, attended session)

The presentation from Scargill included an inspirational speech given by Mrs Keeper followed by her children giving descriptions of how video conferencing had impacted on their learning and how they used their online classrooms. Ms Bignold discussed with the PGCE students how the school had successfully implemented the London MLE and shared her desktop via VC, with them, so they too could see a learning platform in action.

What better way for our future teachers to learn about how technology was being used to enhance teaching and learning than via a live conference to children and experienced teachers leading the way in the use of ICT in the classroom.
UEL lecture hall showing Scargill pupil presenting

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