Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Using VC for 1 hour only costs 2 pence

The table below shows figures from the “Power Consumption of Videoconferencing Equipment” report available at: www.wvn.ac.uk/greenict
(The full report can be foundhere)

I have taken the total watts used in an hour by the Tandberg C20 during a busy call and the Hitachi projector to work out the cost of running a video conference session.  It only costs 2.12p per hour @  a cost of unit of electricity of 10p per 1 KWh.

The cost for a school visit, travelling with a coach full of 30 children to a museum to meet an expert is much more. The adverse impact the diesel fueled coach has on the environment has not been taken into account. Please see the Crownfield Junior School case study here about using VC to enrich the curriculum through using VC content. Isn`t this a superb example of using technology to save money?

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