Thursday, 26 January 2012

What is a Video Enhanced Learning Environment ( VELE )?

Could a VELE be the next generation online learning platform?

A video enhanced learning environment allows tutors to interact using video link with students in a secure online learning environment. I have created the term "VELE" after working separately for many years with VLEs ( Virtual Learning Environments) and web conferencing software. Many of the advanced features and tools found in a VLE are not currently available in VELEs, such as e-portfolios and creation of learning paths.

JANET Visimeet is an example of a VELE. It is fully interoperable with other H323 video conferencing end points via the Janet VC booking service.
Visimeet has the capability for file sharing, saving meeting notes, chat, a white board feature, recording, streaming and has moveable and expandable pods so that the user is in full control of their desktop layout.
The rigidity of VLEs with tool bars and set templates have disappeared in Visimeet. The flexible layout is very user friendly and shows huge potential for the future of distance learning. The tutor has the ability to mute and control students access during a lesson. Web conferencing is made "e-safe", since the tutor(moderator) can only allow students into the conference with a username linked to their email account.  I predict VELEs will be the future of online learning.

For more information about Janet Visimeet click here

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