Monday, 7 May 2012

Scargill Infants win Regional Award for use of Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Scargill Infant School (SIS) in the London Borough of Havering have won an LGfL award for 'Best Use of Services'. 
One of the judges quoted ''.....I was very impressed with the number of video conferences the school has and continues to be involved in.  Certainly not a 'one-off'.  The use through-out the curriculum has been stunning.  These children really have travelled round the world and met interesting people and made new friends......''
Click on the image below to watch a video clip of why Scargill Infants won the award.

The children and staff at SIS have been using VC for over 3 years and link regularly to JANET content providers and with their many partner schools across  the world via JVCS booking. Scargill have travelled three times around the equator in just 12 months.

Well done Scargill Infants!

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