Sunday, 27 April 2014

Google Inspire the Next Generation of Computer Scientists

Bringing Industry Experts into Classrooms via secure, high quality, interoperable video connection.
On Friday 28th March, Dr Doug Aberdeen; programmer, coder, engineer and computer scientist at Google, connected live via video conference from Zurich, Switzerland.

He spoke to over 400 students from 20 schools across the UK. The schools took part in 45 minute video conference sessions with the programmer who talked about life working as a software engineer, his career, his education and his passion and enthusiasm for technology and the huge part computer scientists will continue to play in our daily lives in the future.

Doug connected securely and interoperably through Janet VC Services using Visimeet.   This  not only enabled schools across the UK to watch a live stream of one of the sessions but others to connect directly using VC hardware and ask questions to him directly.

Doug was very impressed at how technology could be used to reach out to so many students at one time and said,  " It was a real buzz to deliver to 20 schools in a morning and my adrenalin was going full speed. Some very clever and interesting questions from some of the kids".

The students were able to watch a live presentation given by Doug and even see directly outside his office window across the landscape of Switzerland. The students from both primary and secondary schools connected and asked questions about email, spam, coding, new Google technologies, amongst many questions about career advice and work experience. 

The National Curriculum 2014 for England is heavily focusing on computing and programming skills for pupils. So what better way for them to learn about programming than from an industry leader themselves - Google!

Year 13 student at Oaks Park High School in Redbridge quoted: I learnt a lot more today for my future than from my lessons, it was very informative.

Claire Collier (Assistant HT), Belvidere School in Shropshire, commented: I have had visits from 5 of the boys that attended today to thank me – this doesn’t normally happen!
They were fascinated by Doug’s presentation and said that they were even more determined to work hard to become a software engineer themselves. They were particularly inspired by the thought of the free food and the salary!!!

We would like to thank Paul at Levett Consultancy for his support in introducing us to Google.

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