Monday, 1 December 2014

Poetry Slam with Michael Rosen

Year 5 pupils from nine schools across Redbridge had the opportunity to perform the poem "Road" to its author, Michael Rosen, during a live poetry slam over video conference.  Michael sat with pupils from Fairlop Primary School and watched the performances and then had the hard decision to make when choosing the best ones.

Rosen was asked what he thought of the video conference: "Its important schools talk to each other and share ideas, it enables them to see and hear these ideas and it encourages schools to cooperate. VC helps children to learn and express themselves -its the prefect tool to enable this to happen".

Michael also spoke about the performances he saw from the schools : "All the schools tried really hard to invent different ways of performing the poem with very special ideas, like creating a road, doing shadow puppets. Everyone preformed really well, showing different feelings between the versus".

Well done to Mayespark Primary School and Glade Primary School who won overall.

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