Monday, 20 July 2015

Ask the JISC Experts and bring Computing Alive

What better way to learn about computer networks at KS2 than through a live video conference with a JISC (UK) computer network manager.

Securely connecting both Redbridge Primary and Mayespark Primary Year 5(Kites class) and  Year 6 pupils together through a multipoint conference in full HD, Shafiq Latif,  based at JISC HQ in Edinburgh shared his career story and knowledge about computer networks at a national level with the young 10 -11 year olds sitting in their school classrooms in London .

Shafiq studied computer science at University, and in 2009 joined the JISC service management & projects team, where he is responsible for ensuring the infrastructure runs correctly and is maintained. He is also involved in development work for the service, which includes evaluating & testing new products and services that are available.

So what a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to learn about computer networks... What better way than from a national expert who does this for his living?

Shafiq showed components of a network and how they all connected to together to make not only local networks but components needed for making national and international networks.
The staff at the schools took this video conference as a CPD opportunity to consolidate their teaching back in the classroom. The adults ( including myself )  learnt a lot about networking through just hearing Shafiqs presentation.

Shafiq was able to talk about and answer the pupils questions below which were all linked directly to the computing curriculum for KS2 :

".....understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multiple services, such as the world wide web; and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration...."

(Questions that were asked by the pupils):
·         What do you do Shafiq? What is a typical working day for you like?

·         What components make a network?  How does a basic network function in a school?

·         What is JICS as a national network?  Does it have the same components that a network in a school would have? How is the national network different so it connects schools around the uk?

What about the NRENs around the world in other countries ?  How are they connected? Are they the same as JISC?

·         What things can go wrong with networks? 

·         What things have changed in the last 2-3 years with networks and what’s the future going to be like for networks in the next 5 years?
For more information about JISC (UK ) please click here:

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