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Earth Day - Megaconference 2020 (April 22nd)

A global gathering of voices sharing and learning ways to cure our climate crisis.
Earth Day - Megaconference (April 22nd, 2020) 
This is an unique opportunity for students (aged 10+), teachers and parents to learn more about current global issues and topics that can be used as professional development opportunities, student research,  and as a stimuli to learn more from global experts in their fields.  Please register below to be sent details on how to participate live on the day.  Come and celebrate Earth Day with us! 

 Schedule for April 22nd, 2020

Time : 5:30pm Taipei, 10:30am London, 5:30am New York City
Speaker: James MacDiarmid, Educational designer & Consultant B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Australia. 
Title: Ecocenteric Space 
Founder of Magnifi, a platform connecting students with unique science experiences; owner and principal consultant at EcoCentric.Space; Co-Creator at PlayFutures, a LEGO Foundation community for changemakers; and, education adviser for CuriiousIQ, a virtual reality platform designed for education and training, James has been sharing his passion for learning, science and adventure from the age of 14, where he journeyed to the Khumbu region of the Himalayas in assisting with the construction of a school. His ambition for science communication and outreach has seen him travel to the SubAntarctic, Arctic and many places in-between, including the deserts of both Australia and mainland America.

Time : 7:45pm Taipei, 12:45pm London, 7:45am New York City
Speaker:  Ben Callison, Borneo Orangutan Survival, UK
Title: From our Jungle Classroom into yours.
Join Ben to see how we're working to save Asia's only Great Ape, the critically endangered orangutan. These charasmatic gardeners of the forest share 97% of our DNA, and have intelligence thought to be equivalent to a human 4 year old. Hairy, orange, curious, and hugely endearing, these gentle Ape's are under threat due to habitat loss. Look into their eyes and you'll be captivated, you'll see a person looking back at you. Join us and you'll see that's true and we hope you'll be inspired to help them too.

Time: 8:30pm Taipei, 1:30pm London, 8:30am New York City
Speaker:  Robin Elliott, Finger Lakes ReUse, USA, 
Title:Transforming Waste into Community Resources.
With two Community ReUse Centers in Ithaca, NY, Finger Lakes ReUse works to reduce waste, relieve local poverty, provide job training  opportunities, and foster community through reuse activities. Since opening in 2008, Finger Lakes ReUse has diverted an estimated 8 million pounds of materials from the waste stream, trained 152 job training participants, and aided over 400 households in need with free access to materials.

Time: 9:15pm Taipei, 2:15pm London, 9:15am New York City
Speakers: Affiliated High School Chung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan
Title: Ocean Justice - Mock Moot Court
Students from Affiliated High School Chung-Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan will role play as moot court judges, prosecutors and ocean animals. They will assume the roles of various ocean species who represent and advocate for their own survival rights. The "judges and prosecutors" will provide legal assistance to the "ocean species" to help them make their arguments to protest against human destruction of ocean and other natural habitats.


Time :10:00pm Taipei, 3:00pm London, 10:00am New York City
Speakers: Holland High School, Holland, New York, United States
Affiliated High School Chung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan
Title: Clean Energy Debate
Students from the schools will debate the following proposition:
“The world should move to solely clean, non-nuclear, renewable energy sources by 2030”

Time: 11:00pm Taipei, 4:00pm London, 11:00am New York City
Speakers: Melissa Tuckey, Poet and Editor, USA
Title:  Eco-Justice Poetry; Shifting Climate Crisis Culture.
Melissa will read selected poems from "Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice
Poetry Anthology"
and will discuss the role of poets in shifting culture
about climate crisis. She will share strategies for writing poems and
lead participants in an eco-justice writing exercise.


Time : 12:00am Taipei, 5:00pm London, 12:00pm New York City
Speaker: Steve Hall CEO, Society for Underwater Technology, UK.
Title: Human impact on Ocean systems, the present, and the future.

Time : 1:00am Taipei, 6:00pm London, 1:00pm New York City
Speaker: Dr Thomas Hirasuna, USA.
Title: A Moment of Truth–The Climate Reality Project.
Dr. Thomas Hirasuna, from The Climate Reality Project, will present “A Moment of Truth”. Recent weather events clearly demonstrate that we must change our behavior and attitudes. New developments in technology give hope that we can change. The key question to consider now is, “Will we change?” Some of Climate Reality’s recent efforts and ways to get involved now will also be highlighted. Tom works as a technology consultant and is a proponent of novel and sustainable technologies. He has industrial experience in applied research, process/product development and manufacturing. His academic training is in chemical engineering and food/biological sciences, with degrees from MIT, Columbia and Cornell. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in New York State.


Time : 2:00am Taipei, 7:00pm London, 2:00pm New York City
Speaker: Words Into Deeds, Gertrude Noden, Exec Director, USA.
Title: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals -
Dr. King summarized the challenge, “Education without social action is a one-sided value because it has no true power potential. Social action without education is a weak expression of pure energy.”Helping students develop effective skills at evaluating complex societal issues and empowering them to take positive actions to help others and effect change requires providing them with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills through personal experiences and informed action projects. Introducing these 21st century skills at the primary level enables our children to mature into responsible global citizens though adolescents and then adulthood.

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